How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Alabama

Divorce is often an intricate and emotionally challenging process, even if spouses come to the decision to end their marriage together. In addition to unpleasant feelings, a couple may have to deal with financial expenses that complicate the situation further.

How much does a divorce cost in Alabama? It is impossible to name the exact sum in advance as the price depends on many factors. Anyway, we tried to analyze the cost of divorce in Alabama in detail by finding out how different divorce issues increase/decrease a divorce cost, what the approximate cost of a simple divorce is, and why an online divorce cost is lower than that of traditional offline proceedings.

If you are looking for a comprehensive overview of divorce cost in Alabama and possible ways to reduce your expenses, keep reading this article. If you would like to handle the paperwork quickly and affordably, contact us, and we will help you lower your online divorce cost when it comes to document preparation.

Average Cost of a Divorce in Alabama

The cost of divorce in Alabama depends on how complicated the case is and can range from $1,000 to $8,000 and more. In general, all expenses can be divided into obligatory and optional/avoidable payments. The first group mainly includes court fees.

So, how much does it cost to file for divorce in Alabama?

Currently, the filing fee fluctuates from $200 to $350 across the state. If the petitioner’s finances are insufficient to cover this payment and they can prove it, a filing fee can be waived. However, it is typically a mandatory part of a divorce cost. 

Another part of a divorce cost in Alabama is a fee for serving documents to a defendant. Usually, a petitioner hires a sheriff, constable, or process server, and such assistance should be paid for additionally; the prices vary from county to county.

The second type of divorce payments involves expenses on attorneys, mediation, property appraisals, child custody evaluators, etc.

The type of divorce and case specifics will determine divorce cost in Alabama. It depends on whether a couple needs third-party assistance to resolve divorce issues or can apply for a simple divorce and keep all expenses at the lowest possible level.

Below, you can find information on the average cost of a divorce in Alabama if you are on amicable terms with your spouse, the average cost of divorce that is contested, and possible expenses on divorce lawyers.

Cost of Uncontested Divorce in Alabama

The cost of uncontested divorce in Alabama is approximately $800-$1,000. It is also called a simple divorce as spouses manage to resolve their divorce issues on property and debt division, child custody and support, as well as alimony themselves before starting their marriage dissolution officially. In other words, they just document their agreements and submit a signed contract along with other papers to a judge for approval.

An uncontested divorce is not only simpler and faster than a contested one but also more budget-friendly. Sometimes, spouses who want to narrow down a divorce cost to filing and serving fees only decide to manage the paperwork on their own. Others who don’t want to risk making mistakes in divorce forms order them from a credible online service. This option can slightly raise the cost of divorce in Alabama but will ensure the spouses get the required paperwork ready to be filed with the court.

Another divorce method that is gaining popularity nowadays is online divorce. If partners are going to apply for marriage dissolution together, they can prepare all forms and submit them via an online portal, which is very convenient and fast. Besides, online divorce costs are slightly lower than traditional in-person filing.

No matter what divorce option you choose, the cost of uncontested divorce in Alabama will still be much lower than that of a contested procedure.

Cost of Contested Divorce in Alabama

The cost of contested divorce in Alabama can reach about $20,000 and even exceed this sum. The price is so high because of multiple divorce issues that spouses can’t settle amicably; they need to involve third-party assistants to come to a mutually favorable agreement. Typically, both a petitioner and a defendant hire attorneys who can either be fully involved in the case or offer help on an as-needed basis. A full-scope lawyer’s assistance will make up the biggest part of a divorce cost since their hourly fees range between $200 and $500. The longer the case lasts, the more money spouses have to spend.

Over the years, the number of contested divorces in the state has dropped. The main reason is the spouses’ desire to get a simpler, quicker, and cheaper marriage dissolution. Therefore, cases that initially started as contested may become simple divorces when spouses contact mediation specialists for help. Such experts usually charge $150-$300 per hour. Even if you need several mediation sessions to settle your disputes, your cost of contested divorce in Alabama will still be lower than when hiring an attorney.

If people manage to turn their contested divorce into an uncontested one, they may want to simplify the case even further by delegating tedious document preparation to reputable services. The online divorce cost when ordering case-specific papers from a web service varies from $150 to $200.

Average Fees for a Divorce Lawyer in Alabama

The cost of a divorce in Alabama, when spouses reach out to certified lawyers for help, may start at several thousand dollars and exceed $10,000 in highly disputable cases. In general, there is a direct relation between a contested divorce cost and the attorney’s involvement in the proceedings. If spouses have lots of arguable divorce issues and aren’t willing to cooperate, a simple divorce isn’t an option for them, and they have to hire lawyers to ensure that their rights are properly protected.

The average fees for a divorce lawyer in Alabama per hour are $200-$500. However, lawyers may also follow other pricing models:

  • Flat fee. Clients have to pay a predetermined amount for the entire case. Flat attorney fees can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the case’s complexity.
  • Retainer fee. It is a lump sum deposited into a trust account and used to cover hourly fees as the attorney works on the case. As the retainer is depleted, clients may need to replenish it, and a total divorce lawyer cost may be rather high.

It is difficult to calculate the exact divorce cost in Alabama when you hire an attorney. However, if you choose a reputable family lawyer who works in a big city and has a busy schedule, you will likely spend a significant sum.

If you need a lawyer solely for preparing divorce papers, you may consider our service as an alternative. The online divorce cost is much lower, and the turnaround time is shorter when you order divorce forms from us.

Average Filing Fees in Alabama

Average filing fees in Alabama, meaning the money you pay when submitting the documents in court, are typically the same for uncontested simple divorces or contested marriage dissolutions that involve resolving various divorce issues.

However, these fees can vary from one county to another. For instance, in Jefferson County, a divorce filing fee is around $250, while in Barbour County, you have to pay $222 when starting a divorce case.

Moreover, filing fees may vary depending on whether a divorcing couple has minor children; for such cases, the fees are usually a bit higher, and you may check the exact amounts in your local court. 

Factors that Affect the Cost of an Alabama Divorce

If you want to understand the approximate expenses on marriage dissolution, you should consider the listed factors that affect the cost of an Alabama divorce:

Uncontested vs Contested

Uncontested cases, when both parties agree on all divorce terms, tend to be less expensive than contested divorces. Besides, a simple divorce is quicker and less stressful. In a contested divorce, spouses can’t reach an agreement on such divorce issues as child custody, property division, spousal support, and more. When disputes require legal intervention, the cost gets higher. Both parties may need to hire attorneys, attend multiple court hearings, and engage in lengthy negotiations or a trial, all of which increase divorce costs.


If spouses have minor kids and can’t settle on child custody and support, visitation, and parenting plans, they’ll have to address third-party experts for assistance. Of course, such services will escalate divorce costs. Anyway, it is still recommended to opt for mediation or collaborative law services to resolve disputes instead of litigation as they are more cost-efficient solutions.

Property division

Dividing assets and liabilities, especially complex ones like businesses, investments, or high-value possessions, can be costly in terms of legal fees and professional evaluations. Disputes on how property should be divided can also lead to extended negotiations or court involvement. When spouses can come to a fair and mutually agreeable property division arrangement, they can save time and money. It is a good option to use mediation or alternative dispute resolution methods to streamline this process. The less contentious the property division is, the lower the associated costs are

In short, divorce expenses can vary greatly. One of the key factors influencing the cost is the level of cooperation between spouses. When couples can collaborate and agree, the divorce process tends to be faster and considerably cheaper. By avoiding protracted legal battles and court proceedings, couples can minimize the financial strain associated with divorce while ensuring that their rights and demands are satisfied. And online divorce cost in a DIY procedure forces many of them to choose this option to save even more.

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