Free Divorce Papers in Alabama

Divorce is one of the most unpleasant and stressful events that influence the lives of everyone involved. In addition, the process itself is quite burdensome, entailing considerable consumption of time, effort, nerves, and money.

To prevent themselves from excessive stress, many couples choose to file for an uncontested divorce. If the spouses can agree on all the disputes concerning children, property, and finances, they can get free divorce papers online and file for divorce on their own, saving a lot of time and money on lawyers’ fees. However, finding free divorce forms that suit your case may be tricky. In this article, we offer an overview of useful resources and samples of free divorce papers in Alabama that can be downloaded online, printed out, filled in, and filed with the court.


Please note that these free divorce papers in Alabama do not offer any explanations of the laws or legal advice on divorce matters. No instructions on filling them out, resolving disputes, or filing process are provided in free divorce papers. Such issues can be discussed and resolved only with a professional attorney. These free printable divorce papers in Alabama are only intended as a useful resource for your DIY divorce. However, you should be aware of the possible consequences of representing yourself without having a full understanding of the process or proper instructions.

Printable Divorce Papers in Alabama

Whatever type of divorce you have, you will definitely need to complete a lot of paperwork and fill in numerous forms. While there is a standard set of obligatory printable divorce papers in Alabama, the total number and type of forms will certainly depend on each individual family situation. For example, a package for a divorce with children will differ from the free Alabama divorce papers or forms required if minors are not involved. Similarly, different sets of free divorce papers in Alabama are needed for a contested and uncontested divorce.

So, although free printable divorce papers in Alabama can be found online, it is necessary to know exactly which ones you personally need. In this case, our paperwork preparation service can be of great help. If you complete an easy-to-follow questionnaire on our platform, our system will select and fill in a set of printable divorce papers in Alabama suitable for your specific case. However, if you intend to deal with the process on your own, we offer a brief explanation of what free divorce papers you may need.

Printable Divorce Papers in Alabama for Couples with No Minor Children

A set of free divorce papers in Alabama for an uncontested divorce without minor children will likely include the following forms:

Divorce Complaint

Is filed when no minor children and joint assets and debts are involved, and the spouses have agreed on personal property division. Provides basic information about the spouses, their marriage, and the divorce.

Plaintiff’s Testimony

Is filed when no minor children are involved, and the court won’t have to divide joint assets and debts. Supports the facts provided in the complaint.

Answer to Divorce Complaint

Is filed by the defendant to answer the complaint filed by their spouse. Testifies the defendant’s agreement to divorce and service acceptance.

Final Judgment of Divorce

Is filled out by the filing spouse. Is signed by the judge. Finalizes the divorce.

It is important to note that you may need additional forms depending on what you are requesting from the court. Consider this when looking for free divorce papers online, as such forms may not be included in common packages. And if you choose our paperwork preparation service, you can get printable Alabama divorce papers pdfs in only a few days and will be able to file them with the local court using the instructions we provide.

Printable Divorce Forms in Alabama for Couples with Minor Children

A divorcing couple with minor children will definitely need to resolve child custody and/or support disputes. If they can agree on such issues themselves, they will have an uncontested case. Thus, they should fill in the same printable divorce forms in Alabama discussed in the previous section but versions that include questions related to child custody and support, with certain exceptions.

Besides, for an uncontested divorce with minor children, you may need the following free divorce forms in Alabama:

Child-Support-Obligation Income Statement/Affidavit

- Is filed by each parent separately. - Provides detailed information about both spouses’ incomes and expenses.

Child-Support Guidelines

- Provides calculations of the potential child support payment.

Child-Support Guidelines Notice of Compliance

- Confirms the child support sum mentioned in other forms was calculated based on state guidelines or deviated from due to specific reasons.

Income Withholding for Support

- Orders that the amount of child support should be withheld from the paying party's income.

Other Possible Divorce Forms in Alabama

A package of printable divorce forms in Alabama is not limited to the ones listed above. Different counties may also require additional divorce printable forms to be filed with the court. Besides, some of the obligatory free divorce forms for cases with and without children may include:

Domestic Relations/Child Support Information Sheet

- Required in all the cases related to domestic relations and child support.

Certificate of Divorce

- Provides detailed information about the spouses, their marriage, and divorce.

You may be tempted to go searching for free Alabama divorce forms online to complete and file them without the lawyer’s involvement. Although the idea is good in terms of saving time and money, it sometimes may turn out to be rather costly if you make a single error and will need to start the entire process afresh. While you can get free divorce forms online at a number of governmental websites, you should know exactly what you need.

Our paperwork preparation service will be glad to help you by providing you with free printable divorce forms in Alabama that are suitable for your specific case. Spend only 30 minutes of your time completing our easy-to-follow questionnaire, and our system will select and fill in all the free Alabama divorce papers and forms that you need to file for divorce.